Tips to Help in Finding Quality Relic Purses with Ease

The word relic in relic purses easily conjure up a lady’s senses as days gone by; days when the best and trendiest purses were made of genuine leather. Much has changed since those days. Designer purses have come and gone; others have simply imitated the purses and remained relevant and in demand amidst cut throat competition from other brands.  It is therefore hard if not tricky to get quality relic purses at affordable prices.  Worse still, the real relic purses made decades ago are hot cakes and are more or less a special preserve for the rich and their affluent counter parts. Either way, you can somehow manage to get a cool relic purse. Simply consider the following tips.

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  • Auction Sites

You can get almost anything at an auction site. The likes of eBay have simplified the whole process and made it easy for people to sell their relic collections with ease. But like you may have already noticed, everyone flocks there. This only means great competition and more money for the seller. Cut the chase and consider unpopular auction sites. Then take time to consider the following: about relic brand purses

  • Purse surface – This should not be hard at all. The surface should be smooth, complete with the necessary seams.
  • Lining – Most relic brand purses feather fine linings, so again this should not be hard for you. You must however go for lining colors that blend well with the handbag surface. Keep in mind that interior linings always have more seams, so stitches should be firm if not compact.
  • Strap – This is the most important factor to consider.  Pay attention to the strap because it wears out quickly more than the other parts of the purse. If the strap is glued or stitched to the purse, make sure it is strong enough to withstand the wear and tear factor. Alternatively, choose purses with removable straps.
  • Glue – This is where most ladies fail, yet it takes just a few seconds to check how a purse is glued.  Simply drag the parts of the handbag that appear stitched. You will realize some parts have actually been glued. In that case, ensure that the parts are firmly glued.

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  • Zippers – The real relic purses made decades ago have strong silver zippers. They served both as aesthetic elements as well as closures. That said, ensure that your desired relic brand purses handbags have strong and beautiful zippers.
  • Buttons – They are subtle and minor but a lose button on any part of your purse can spoil your handbags image and cause you some embarrassment.
  • Care and Maintenance – It is very easy to maintain relic handbags and purses. All you need is a good leather polish if the purse is made of genuine leather. Polish the purse as you would your shoes and keep the purse away from direct sunlight.  That way, the purse will maintain its glow for a long time. You can even resell it!

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Do not let designer relic purses prices intimidate you.  At the end of the day, they are just that- prices. Then like old folk used to say, all good things come at a price. With that in mind, do not be afraid to spend.  You can also consider cheaper options online and ask for discounts anytime you spend a fortune on an expensive relic purse.  You may not know it but some stores only give discounts upon request. That is why it is good to always ask. You can also take advantage of days like Mother’s Day or Thanksgiving when all stores are keen on attracting female customers with purses, shoes, and beauty products.